Trade crypto with forex technology

- local trading client
- integration with leading exchanges
- script editor for JavaScript
- algo templates included
- phishing-safe
- multi-user rights management
- HFT performance

Centrabit Trader and Centrabit Exchange

The legendary trading client Qt Bitcoin Trader was the codebase for Centrabit Trader. Therefore, users can trade not only on Centrabit Exchange but also on and between several other exchanges. This combination of technologies brings the speed, security and features of forex trading into the crypto world. And yes, only you can see your stops and your algos. On the server side, the exchange is written in C++ and optimized for maximum transaction per second performance. Centrabit's proprieatary communication protocols make sure that the order book on your screen is the actual one, not history from seconds ago. Centrabit wants to become the prime choice for technical currency traders migrating to crypto.

Unsurpassed security

Centrabits client-server architecture eliminates the most common theft method, phishing. Phishing has succeded against highly competent exchanges. It involves clickable links to a website which is a perfect copy of the website of the exchange - where all registration, verification, trading and deposit/withdrawal operations are conducted. Centrabit's website has not interaction. All operations are performed within the native app, which is only downloaded once and updated from inside the app.

Both the trading client and the exchange are built end-to-end by the founders with no outsourcing. The architecture ensures that each network component and each human operator can only access the data necessary for its task.

In addition to conventional installation, Centrabit can run in portable mode from a USB stick. It has versions for Linux, Windows and Mac.

Qt-powered trading client

The UI of Centrabit is highly flexible and convenient. The codebase of Centrabits UI is Qt Bitcoin Trader, an open-source trading client with many thousand users worldwide, published and updated by Centrabit AG.