Frequently asked questions

Why use Centrabit?
Centrabit Trader is a locally installed client software that connects to several exchanges. This architecture is standard on the forex market for several reasons
- Users can arbitrage between exchanges
- The app contains a professional code editor
- Users get many trading functions and can develop their own
- Users can develop their algos from scratch or use a library of samples
- Algos are never seen by exchanges
- Phishing safe. No interactions via www
- Adaptable workspace with intelligent buy/sell panes for manual daytrading.
- Charts with algo plotting and price/volume/spread & depth - Several users profiles with different rights to the same account Trusted technology since 2013
- Javascript and C programmers know our script language
- Old scripts from Qt Bitcoin Trader can be ported via Centrabit Connector
- Support for web-requests
- Low latency due to Centrabit's proprietary API (only to Centrabit exhange) - Centrabit Trader is based on our own open-source app Qt Bitcoin Trader, trusted by many thousands worldwide since 2013

How do I get started?

0. Wait until Centrabit Trader is released. It will be announced here.

1. Download and install Centrabit Trader

2. Deposit funds in your account on Centrabit Exchange. For the time being, only virtual currencies and stablecoins allowed.*

3. Choose a sample algo, improve it and backtest it on different crosses.

4. When you have decide on a cross, optimize - but max 2 times. Don't do curve-fitting.

5. Start trading with small amounts and increase the stakes as you see persisteent gains.

6. Keep inventing, improving and testing even while your algo is making you money. No algo is in play forever.

7. If you want your algo to trade for you 24/7, install Centrabit Trader on a hosting service and run it via a desktop application. Contact support if you feel unsure about how to do this.

* If you want to use another exchange (other than Centrabit Exchange) you need to register and deposit there. You then extract the API keys from that exchange, select the exchange in the menu Exchanges and paste the keys. All else will work the same way as with Centrabit Exchange.