Frequently Asked Questions

Why change?

Why upgrade from Qt Bitcoin Trader to Centrabit Trader?
  • arbitrage between exchanges
  • more flexible script language
  • much faster script engine
  • library of sample algos
  • stacked algos
  • chart shows price/volume/spread/depth
  • chart shows backtest results with profit & loss lines
  • professional code editor
  • several user profiles for same exchange accounts
  • supports webhooks

Your old scripts from Qt Bitcoin Trader can be ported via Centrabit Connector. Just contact support

Why use Centrabit Trader instead of other native clients?

Other native client applications are connected to traditional forex brokers. Centrabit Trader connects directly to crypto exchanges, providing more pairs, more timely market data and faster order execution.

Forex-based client apps have license fees running towards one thousand dollars for a lifetime licence (ex. Multicharts) while some (ex. Metatrader) charge fees via forex brokers. Such fees will be handed on to the users via higher commissions or padded spreads. With Centrabit Trader, no indirect fees are charged. Centrabit Trader offers a three-month free trial period and thereafter a license fee of 10 USD per year. Payment can be made in bitcoin.

Some exchanges that are integrated within Centrabit Trader are reached via a specially developed, proprietary communication protocol which is faster than FIX and further reduces latency.

Why use Centrabit Trader instead of web interfaces?
  • Arbitrage between exchanges
  • Compare performance and results between exchanges
  • Professional code editor
  • Open-source functions, library of algo templates
  • Flexible, fast and powerful script language
  • Algos and stoplosses are never seen by the exchange
  • Phishing safe. No interactions via www
  • Adaptable workspace with intelligent buy/sell panes for manual daytrading.
  • Charting engine with backtest plotting and price/volume/spread & depth
  • Rights managemant for junior traders on same account
  • Support for web-requests

How is it done?

Does Centrabit provide support?

Yes. The preferred direct contact is You can also shout out in the Telegram group Centrabit Trader.

How much does it cost?

A 3-month free trial applies. Thereafter a yearly charge of 10 USD or equivalent will be levied - subject to change not before 1/1 2025.