If I am an active investor, a daytrader, an algo trader, a HF-trader or a money manager. Why is Qt Bitcoin Trader good for me?2017-12-28T08:53:12+00:00
  • Daytraders like our flexible workspace. By selecting the components you want, you will see only the relevant info. You can arrange your windows over one or more screens.

  • Scalpers like our high resolution chart, which shows all transactions and shows the spread. Additional chart types are coming.

  • Algo traders like our scripting language.

  • Algo trading newbies like the way they can create simple scripts without learning the language, like in Ninja Trader. A script catalogue is coming.

  • Arbitrageurs can simplify their routines bu using a single interface to several exchanges.

  • HF traders like our speed and the accuracy. All systems, from client software to exchange engine are optimized for speed. The order-book stream from our own exchange is unsurpassed. We actually have a way of providing you with fast streaming also from the other exchanges, as a subscribed service.

  • Money-managers like the log-in hierarchy with sub-profiles. Your junior traders don’t need to be entitled to withdraw funds. Your bookkeeper doesn’t need to place orders. With their own profiles, you give everybody the appropriate rights.

I am looking for an exchange to buy bitcoin and save it. Is Qt Bitcoin Trader Exchange the best for me?2017-12-28T08:53:03+00:00

No. We are not a convenient venue for one-off buying, since you have to install our client software to buy. On other exchanges you can do what you need to do on their web page. Advice: After buying, don’t use a bitcoin exchange as a savings bank. Use an independent, open-source wallet, like Electrum. Don’t loose your “wallet words”, copy them to several places.

How do I use Qt Bitcoin Trader?2017-12-28T08:52:44+00:00
  • Download and install Qt Trader 2.0 from Sourceforge and only from Sourceforge. This is important for security resaons.

  • Become a customer at Qt Trader Exchange and/or any number of the other exchanges.

    • For Qt Trader Exchange, you can become a connected customer directly through the trading client.

    • For the other exchanges, you register at their respective homepages. To connect the trading client, you generate API keys from their web interface and copy these into the trading client. Be careful with the private key.

  • Deposit funds to your exchange(s) from your bank or your bitcoin wallet.

  • Start trading with small amounts and increase your stakes only when you see that a strategy works consistently. If something doesn’t work for you, mail us or join the user chat. You can even call us.

What is Qt Bitcoin Trader?2017-12-28T08:53:54+00:00
  • A virtual currency (VC) exchange.

  • A trading client for the Qt Trader Exchange plus Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bitmarket, BTC China, GOC.io, Indacoin, OKCoin, WEX and YObit.

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