Qt Bitcoin Trader v1.40.41 Released

* Bitstamp API integration fixed * Rules generator dialog critical bug fixed (when price with fee used) * Time sync bug fixed * Binance orderbook table fixed * Removed Wex exchange * Added alternative domain for Yobit * Fixed dock panel issue caused blinks * Many small fixes


Qt Bitcoin Trader 1.40.40 released

Poloniex is a US-based exchange owned by venture capitalists Circle corp. We now support - - - - - - - - - Also: - Fixed script language command cancel ask and bid for Binance - Fixed bug caused forever API down in some cases - Minor fixes [...]


Qt Bitcoin Trader v1.40.23 Released – new exchange Bittrex added

Bittrex has been operating since 2014. Bill Shihara is a Co-Founder and CEO of Bittrex. He has a backround as security engineer from U.S. corporations lilke Microsoft, Amazon and Blackberry. Bittrex is an off-shore exchange incorporated on the Seyschelles. We have also added - Portable mode for Linux and macOS - Secure auto update for Linux x86_64 - Uninstall [...]

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