Qt Bitcoin Trader v1.40.21 Released

Fixed rules dialog bug. Fixed HiDPI mode. Fixed Script/Rules enable/disable command. Fixed Last Buy/Sell price event bug. Memory optimisations, refractoring. Minor fixes.


Centrabit opens development center in Zagreb

For the continued development of virtual currency applications Centrabit is establishing a development office in central Zagreb, Croatia. In order to spread the word to Croatian developers the founders have given an interview to leading Croatian business daily Poslovni Dnevnik, which has lead to widespread publicity in both Croatian and English language. C++ developers who are interested in joining our [...]


Qt Bitcoin Trader v1.40.12 Released

- Switched to OpenSSL 1.1, release binaries no longer compressed by UPX, works faster - Dropped support of Windows XP and macOS 10.9, but you still can compile it manually - Minor improvements - Fixed Bitstamp certificate issue - Fixed Bitfinex trade history bug You will be updated to v1.40.11 first, it cross-update to remove update file size limit for [...]

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