New exchanges integrated in Qt Bitcoin Trader

Qt Bitcoin Trader is developed by Centrabit AG, and is ready for automatic trading at several bitcoin exchanges. With over 30 000 users, Qt Bitcoin Trader drives volume and revenue at exchanges. To finance the Qt Bitcoin Trader project, Centrabit charges 5000 USD for new bitcoin exchanges who wish to have their API integrated into the application. [...]


Qt Bitcoin Trader 1.07.99 released

New exchange, advanced script language and more. New exchange: Advanced script language with all possibilities of JavaScript Qt5 now supported OpenSSL updated to 1.0.1i compilation bugs under Windows fixed UI and system bugs fixed


BTC China re-brands Centrabit’s trading software

According to an agreement from March 8, 2014, BTC China has rebranded Qt Bitcoin Trader. Their version was published today and is available from BTC China. Centrabit wishes the best of luck both to BTC China and its traders.


Update to Qt Bitcon Trader patches Heartbleed

In the current download, the security weakness Heartbleed is corrected. Users should change their passwords to exchanges. Centrabit´s CTO Ighor July has corrected the weakness disovered yesterday morning and urges users of the Windows version to download the update at the dowload page. For information about the weakness itself, see We urge all users to reset exchange passwords now. [...]