Update to Qt Bitcon Trader patches Heartbleed

In the current download, the security weakness Heartbleed is corrected. Users should change their passwords to exchanges. Centrabit´s CTO Ighor July has corrected the weakness disovered yesterday morning and urges users of the Windows version to download the update at the dowload page. For information about the weakness itself, see We urge all users to reset exchange passwords now. [...]


Changelog Qt Bitcoin Trader 1.07.98

Fixed minor bugs. Removed Mt.Gox exchange Added new currency pairs to BTC-e and BTC China. Fixed rule bugs. UI improvements. Added Heartbleed OpenSSL bug information dialog. New auto update engine.


Team Innova becomes Centrabit

As part of its relaunch as a provider of internet-based currency services, Team Innova Equity Holding AG has changed name to Centrabit AG and provided for electronic share certificates. On the 27th of March, new Articles of association were submitted to the Handelsregister of Kanton Zug. Apart from the name-change and procedural simplifications, the general meeting also decided [...]


Team Innova signs letter of intent with MetaLair

The Metalair project aims to build a decentralised, open-source exchange which can also be used for fiat currencies. The founders intend to seed the exchange with liquidity from Centrabit´s internal exchange. British project MetaLair is driven by developer Kerry Fraser-Robinson and Johnathan Turrall, MSc, BSc. Jonathan, who is the acting CEO, currently works with communication technology for the [...]


Team Innova to new offices

Team Innova Equity Holding AG was founded in 2008, with the purpose of financing the Swedish project Music2Me. During the years 2010-2013 the company has been inactive. During the winter 2013-2014 the company started preparations for entry in the digital currencies space. As part of its relaunch as a provider of internet-based currency services, Team Innova Equity Holding [...]

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