Release announcements Qt Bitcoin Trader

2018-10-03 Qt Bitcoin Trader 1.40.21

update - Fixed rules dialog bug
- Fixed HiDPI mode
- Fixed Script/Rules enable/disable command
- Fixed Last Buy/Sell price event bug
- Memory optimisations, refractoring
- Minor fixes

2018-04-03 Qt Bitcoin Trader 1.40.12

update – Switched to OpenSSL 1.1, release binaries no longer compressed by UPX, works faster
– Dropped support of Windows XP and macOS 10.9, but you still can compile it manually
– Fixed Bitstamp certificate issue
– Fixed Bitfinex trade history bug
– Minor improvements

You will be updated to v1.40.11 first, it cross-updates to remove update file size limit for future bigger updates.

We recommended to use our secure Auto update.

2017-09-16 Qt Bitcoin Trader 1.40.08

update - added WEX
- removed BTC-e
- Fixed crash on app closing
- Added confirmation message on script editor clear
- Minor fixes

2017-07-06 Qt Bitcoin Trader 1.40.02

update Just one bugfix. The bug in question concerned users of Bitfinex only.

2017-07-02 Qt Bitcoin Trader 1.4

update New Exchange
Currency pair synchronization on startup
Fixed issue with functions getPriceByVolume and getVolumeByPrice in JL Script.
Add HiDPI enable or disable settings
Now you can search for currency pairs by keyword
Improved many elements of interface
Fixed bug with certificate that caused error messages
Many other small fixes

2014-12-09 List of integarations, offer to exchanges

update Qt Bitcoin Trader is open-source. It is developed and maintained by Centrabit AG. Qt Bitcoin Trader offers users automatic algo trading at several bitcoin exchanges. With more than 30 000 users, Qt Bitcoin Trader drives volume and revenue at exchanges.
Centrabit charges 5000 USD for new bitcoin exchanges who wish to have their API integrated into the application.
Exchanges available in Qt Bitcoin Trader today:
- BTC-e
- Bitstamp
- BTC China
- Bitfinex
- Indacoin
For more information about co-operation please contact

2014-08-21 Qt Bitcoin Trader 1.07.99

update - Support for new exchange was added.
- Advanced script language with all possibilities of JavaScript
- Qt5 now supported
- OpenSSL updated to 1.0.1i
- compilation bugs under Windows fixed
- UI and system bugs fixed

2014-04-29 BTC China re-brands Centrabit’s trading client

logo According to an agreement signed March 8, 2014, BTC China has rebranded Qt Bitcoin Trader. Their version was published today. Centrabit wishes the best of luck both to BTC China and its traders.

2014-04-10 Instructions regarding Heartbleed

heartbleed In the current update (1.07.98), the Heartbleed exploit is patched.
Windows version should download the update at the dowload page. For information about the weakness itself, see We urge all users to reset exchange passwords now. The main password for Qt Bitcoin Trader is and was safe.

2014-04-10 Qt Bitcoin Trader 1.07.98

update Fixed minor bugs. Removed Mt.Gox exchange Added new currency pairs to BTC-e and BTC China. Fixed rule bugs. UI improvements. Added Heartbleed OpenSSL bug information dialog. New auto update engine.