Goodbye Qt Bitcoin Trader,
hello Centrabit Trader

The makers of Qt Bitcoin Trader release Centrabit Trader 2.03 - a closed-source algorithmic trading client with all-new capabilities.

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More ways to profit

Centrabit Trader is a descendent of the famous open-source multi-exchange trading platform Qt Bitcoin Trader (QBT). QBT has had its 10th birthday and will continue to be maintained by Centrabit. QBT can be downloaded from here.

The new trading client can do more: Webhooks, arbitrage between exchanes, high-frequency trading, advanced backtesting.

With stacked algos, you can test exchanges, crosses and algos against each other. With your desktop computer or hosted virtual machine always-on, you can let Centrabit Trader keep an eye open for changing trends in many crosses at once.

The most important difference is our new script language and script engine - they are flexible and fast. But old scripts from QBT can also run in Centrabit Trader - just contact Support and ask for our porting tool, Qt Connector.

Client/server technology

Client/server architecture is the standard in the foreign exchange market. Nevertheless, Centrabit Traders is still the only fully native trading clients for the cryptocurrency market.

  • faster order ingest
  • always stealth mode: nobody sees your workspace, algos or stops
  • simultaneous access to several exchanges
  • several attack vectors closed, compared to website-based trading
  • rights management for multiple users/junior traders on the same account

Flexible script language

The script engine included in Centrabit Trader will do what you tell it to do - three times faster than the predecessor. A library of math functions ensures that developers can concentrate on business.

  • C-like syntax
  • open-source algo library
  • customizable workspace
  • built-in code editor with syntax highlighting and autocompletion

Algo templates

Centrabit Trader provides a library of trading strategies, for users to tweak and develop. To start with, you can try our versions of the following popular algos.

  • MACD
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Relative Strenght Indicator
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Keltner Channel

All have versions for backtest and optimization. More will be added.

At Centrabit, we know that no algo is "in play" forever. So we wrote an algo called Ûber, to test the other algos after they are individually optimized. With the überalgo, you can backtest algos, currency pairs and exchanges against each other, 24/7. As and when an algo starts coming into play on a pair, you will be te first to know.

If you are a medium-skilled programmer, you can write new algos from scratch.

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